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Cnar Grow 2020 (MAHA Award Winning Fertilizer)


CNAR GROW 2020 is a synthetic compound fertilizer which is enriched with organic materials such as aloe vera, humic acid, amino acid and seaweed extract. It is especially formulated as a balanced fertilizer complete with nutrients in the form of macro and micro (a complete food for plants).

It has been proven as an ideal choice of fertilizer for variety of crops such as paddy, landscape plants, fruits, vegetables, turf grass, palm oil, rubber, cocoa, tobacco and medium temperature crops such as apples, strawberries and cherries.

In addition, there is an evident that the use of Cnar Grow 2020 does not cause any adverse effects on crops.


It is because in each bottle of Cnar Grow 2020™ fertilizer contain seaweed (SW).


  • Varieties of HORMONES needed by all types of plant on earth.
  • MAIN NUTRIENTS consist of nitrogen (n), phosphorus (p), potassium (k), calcium (ca) and magnesium (mg).
  • MICRO NUTRIENTS (Iron, Zinc, Molybdenum, Boron, Manganese and Cobalt).
  • Important MINERAL and other materials which would help plants growth, trees welfare, earlier picking time, longer harvesting period and increase fruits production with better quality of crops yield.
  • Since the original content of Cnar Grow 2020 is made from chemical compound, this means:
    • Cnar Grow 2020 is 2 fertilizers combined together into 1 bottle, which are both chemical compound fertilizer and seaweed extract, making it very effective, complete, balanced and yet cheaper.


  • There are range of changes occur when those hormones applied to soil or plant leaves. It includes roots stimulation, more compact and powerful stems, increase in plant growth as well as higher productivity. Also protection of plants during stress, fight against diseases and insects, withstand in cold weather and drought. Other than that is protection of plants from aging and mortality by strengthening the function and structure of plants’ cells.
  • Main Nutrients &  micro nutrients : control and overcome trees and fruits defects.
  • Mineral : Iodine and selenium are less often found in soil. If sw is applied to the soil, the problem will be solved and this would lead to improvement in the nutritional value of crops yield.


  • Carbohydrate complex in SW would stimulate microbial activity in soil and it could increase its nutrients.
  • SW also would increase plant resistance against bacteria and fungi that could cause decay and thereby plants would last longer.
  • SW strengthens cell walls and thereby plants would be able to survive and minimize damages when it is in freezing temperature.
  • SW contains mannitol and alginic acid that could decompose acid content in soil and allow plants to absorb nutrient

Please visit http://larrontrading.webs.com/cnargrow2020.htm for more information


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