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Zeolite In Soil Nutrient Holding & Release

Zeolite attracts and retains ammonium, potassium, calcium & magnesium as well as many trace elements. It has the greatest affinity for ammonium and potassium but when a plant is taking up the ammonium or potassium off the zeolite, the zeolite attracts calcium from phosphorus mineral apatite such as rock phosphate or locked up phosphorus in soil to balance the zeolites negative charge. This reaction releases free phosphorus. The plant extracts the ammonium, potassium and other nutrients by active uptake from roots.


This phosphorus release reaction with ammoniated zeolite has been established by the United States Geological Survey and the University of Colorado soil Science Dept.


The nutrient release from the Zeolite is plant driven setting up a natural cycle of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus release. The Zeolite will recharge when an ammonium or potassium source becomes available either naturally or applied. The zeolite prevents free nutrients from leaching.


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