Zeolite with the best price, quality relationship

Zeolite – Fertilizer And Soil Conditioner

Our company is a worldwide supplier of clinoptilolite, a natural type of Zeolite (Zeolite A). We own the top quality zeolite mineral deposits with inferred resources of many millions of metric ton reserves in Indonesia and capable of supplying approximately 10 000 metric ton (MT) per month. We could be your reliable supplier who guarantees the best quality, price relationship.


1. 40% of fertilizer nutrients loss due to leaching and high temperature (Journal of oil palm research 1996, Salisbury F.B, et al. 1969)

2. It does not improve soil condition (pH), aeration, irrigation and crop’s immunity

3. Minimal or no Micro Nutrients


1. Very cheap

2. Can be combine with all type of fertilizer

3. Increase costs-effectiveness up to 50% (Reduce total fertilizer cost)

4. Increase product output up to 80%

5. Prevent loss of fertilizer nutrients (Not effected by rain or high temperature)

6. Reservoir for the nutrients which are slowly released “on demand” with the plant itself does the regulating of the nutrients as it needs them

7. Balances the pH level of soils (soil conditioner)

8. High cation exchange capacity (CEC)

9. Increase crop’s immunity towards crops diseases

10. Improves aeration and irrigation significantly

11. 100% natural and organic

12. Absorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances

13. Contain both Macro and Micro Nutrients

14. Suitable for all kinds of crops (palm oil, coconut, paddy, fruit tree, etc)

15. Reduces the chance of root burning from excess ammonia

16. Improves ammonia retention and reduces nitrogen losses

In conclusion the most common advantages of zeolite for agricultural applications is due to its relatively high absorption rate, cation exchange capacity, catalysis and dehydration capacities. Zeolites are, therefore, used to promote better plant growth by improving the value of fertilizers. (Proven by numerous International Journal, Watanabe 1992, E Polat et al 2004, Ming and Dixon 1986)


SiO2 71.00, Al203 13, K2O 2.26, Na2O 1.50, Fe2O3 1.61, MgO 1.5, CaO 2.56, PH 7.5, TIO3 0.5, Loss of Ignition 9.5, CEC 160m.e.q/100g.

There are different qualities of zeolite in the market. The simplest way to determine the quality is by checking the CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) value. The high CEC makes Zeolite particularly efficient and special in holding and slow releasing the valuable nutrients to the plants. Basically, the better quality of the zeolite will have the higher CEC value. Average zeolite CEC value in the current market is 120 m.e.q/100g. Our CEC value is reachin 160m.e.q/100g which is one of the highest in the market.


1. Official National Fertilizer for BIONAS Bio-Diesel Project. (Whole Malaysia )

2. Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities

3. Exported to Netherlands (Second Largest agricultural country in the WORLD)

4. Pertubuhan Peladang Negeri Johor (PPNJ)

5. Paddy Field Kemasin Project, Semerak, Kelantan

6. Estate and Plantation , Farmer and many more


1. Type of Product : Zeolite / Clinoptilolite

2. Our Brand : Prime – 1 / Zeolite A

3. Price : RM 540 – RM720 / MT

4. Minimum Order : Negotiable

5. Packing : Sugar bag @ 25 kg net, with printing

6. Size : Granular, 2 to 5 mm / Mesh

7. Terms / payment : Negotiable (Preferably irrevocable L/C at sight)

8. Delivery : Can be arranged

9. Validity : 2 (Two) month

10. Certification : Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE)

* MT=Metric Ton

Any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Dr Norizad Mohamed Salleh

019 – 6630412 / 0060196630412



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  1. Hi ! Dr Salleh,

    We are developing soil conditioner to mainly to slow release nitrogen amd optimzed nutrient utilization for upland areas.
    Can you recomend dosges for corn and vegetables.

    Can you give us best price C and F Manila for our costing exercise.

    May bring in 25 kg via air which we pay air freight charges.

    Dante Dizon, ChE

    Managing Director

    Comment by Dante Dizon | March 29, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank You for your visit

      1. Recommended Dosage – Cut down your fertilizer dosage at 40 %, then replace the reduction by zeolite.

      2. Our Best price is
      MYR 540 / Metric Tone(powder)
      MYR 570 / Metric Tone (Granule)
      FOB at Senai Johor. Min order 25MT
      Sorry we don’t do CIF anymore

      Comment by kakaroct79 | April 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. salam dr,
    i am a chemical engineering student from ump.now im doing a research for my undergraduate research project which is about zeolites.i need to find malaysia standard of zeolites.i’ve searched internet to get a few info about it but it seems not helped me.as zeolite’s supplier,i’m very sure that your knowledge about zeolite is very wide.so, maybe you can help me a litle bit on this situation.or maybe you can suggest me any sources to get info for my research.

    tq so much dr

    attiyah binti ariffin

    Comment by attiyah | August 25, 2009 | Reply

  3. Salam Attiyah

    TQ for your comment

    Malaysia doesn’t produce its own zeolite. Malaysian’s zeolites are imported from various part in the world such as Indonesia, china and Australia.

    Comment by kakaroct79 | September 1, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi Doc,

    I am a retired Engineer and have started to aquire land for Padi farming. i have read a lot about goodness of Zeolite. For my cost budget, can you please advise me how much Zeolite do I have to apply to one (1) acre of padi field. I intend to do only 2o acres for a start and I am using hybrid from China my friend got in for experiment purpose.
    Thank you,

    Comment by pak soo | November 24, 2009 | Reply

  5. Recommended Dosage – Cut down your normal fertilizer dosage for padi farming at 40 %, then replace the reduction by zeolite.

    Comment by kakaroct79 | December 1, 2009 | Reply

  6. Dear Dr.
    I am a smallholding oil palm and rubber grower. I want to incorporate your zeolite fertilizer in my manuring regime. Would you please recommend me the dosage of your zeolite to be applied for matured oil palm and rubber with my current conventional fertilizer. For your info, I do have oil palms planted in coastal and inland hilly areas. Thank you.

    Comment by Selvaraju N. Muthiah | April 27, 2010 | Reply

    • Cut down your usual fertilizer dosage at 40 % and Replace the reduction by our zeolite

      Comment by kakaroct79 | June 25, 2010 | Reply

  7. Salam,

    Saya sebagai jurujual bebas, pengalaman 3 th. Saya berminat membekal baja anda. tolong beri maklumat tentang baja zeolite anda. Berapa harga belian saya? hantar ke p.o. box 20, 75700, Melaka.saya akan bekal baja kawasan melaka dan N.S. sajauh mana kebagusan baja anda berbanding baja berjenama lain.

    Comment by Isa Mohd | May 31, 2010 | Reply

    • Maklumat yang saudara minta akan saya emailkan pada email saudara di access2000_99@yahoo.com

      Comment by kakaroct79 | June 25, 2010 | Reply

  8. Dear Dr,

    Like Mr Isa Mohd, could u also provide me with the same the same.


    Comment by Viking | August 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Dear Mr .Salleh,
      tried to write You and called You – are You interested to run together tests on a zeolite of organic origin from a deposit in Russia . We started up a new factory and tested the product here on potato and carrots , cucumbers and onions and got very poristive results . Need tests on rice and some tropical cultures and then will look for a local distributor.
      If interested , please , drop me a line through the email indicated here

      Comment by Andrew | August 24, 2010 | Reply

      • Already replied to your email. TQ

        Comment by kakaroct79 | August 25, 2010

  9. Dear Sirs

    I am an oilpalm planter in Malaysia and have heard of the cost reduction gven by zeolite.

    Can you please give me your best NPK formula and amounts to use with your zeolite, on 8-year old palms? Thank you very much.

    Comment by salim mohd | September 2, 2010 | Reply

    • we don’t sell any NPK fertilizer at the moment. however, all NPK formulas are suitable to be mix with zeolite. … I would suggest 12:12:17 or 15:15:15

      Comment by kakaroct79 | September 28, 2010 | Reply

  10. Thank you. Not bad submissions you got here. Got some extra sites to point to with a bit more information?

    Comment by lose weight | December 3, 2010 | Reply

  11. DEAR SIR

    Comment by HAMED | January 26, 2011 | Reply

    • you have to be more specific.

      1. what is the absorption for? eg water filtration etc2
      2. what spec of zeolite you are looking for?..zeolite with different CEC value will have different absorption capacity

      Comment by kakaroct79 | February 8, 2011 | Reply

  12. Salam Dr..
    berapakah harga untuk 1000kg baja Zeolite (Granul) bersama kos penghantaran ke Bangi, Selangor

    Comment by Amer Rulzaki Bin Arsat @ Daud | March 28, 2011 | Reply

    • minimum untuk penghantaran ke selangor adalah 10 tan. Harga rm 640/tan termsuk penghantaran

      Comment by kakaroct79 | March 30, 2011 | Reply

  13. Dear Dr. Salleh,

    We are Russian based company interested in fertilizers and soil conditioners. We would like to know the prices fro soil conditioner for India and China.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Mariya Pano
    +7 917 582 6885

    Comment by Mariya Pano | October 27, 2011 | Reply

  14. I am interested to know how much to apply to oil palm

    Comment by Anthony K Samuel | July 16, 2012 | Reply

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I own a mine of Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) in India. Our Zeolite is of superior quality which can absorb approx. 80% of water to its weight ratio.
    It is available in all forms ranging from a palette to powdered form. Our product is enriched with variety of minerals. Test certificates are available on request.

    We are looking for buyers globally to purchase any quantity required. We promise to provide A1 quality at the best price.

    Being a mines owner, there is no middlemen involved in this trading and hence the price will be competitive to others. We can supply you Zeolite at the price of
    200- 400 USD (packaging and labelling included) depending upon the quality & quantity.

    Please feel free to contact me in case of query. Thank you for your attention.

    Sarabjeet Saini.

    +44 (0)7424608908

    Comment by Sarabjeet Saini | January 30, 2013 | Reply

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