Zeolite with the best price, quality relationship

Local Trial By Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) agronomic research team critically analyzed NPK fertilizer combinations, then verified them in trials conducted from 1990 onwards in order to formulate a fertilizer with optimum balanced nutrients ratio for maximum yield of oil palm (Tarmizi et al, 2003).


The study concludes the advantages of using urea-based fertilizer with zeolite as conditioner as (MPOB Information Series. ISSN 1511-7871. June 2007)


1.      Improved cost-effectiveness because of reduced nutrient losses and improve nutrient uptake

2.      The fertilizer contains balanced nutrient suitable for oil palm planted on various soils.

3.      For problematic soils, the amounts used can be easily adjusted by applying more of paticular nutrients.

4.      The fertilizer gas a long shelf-life without caking, can be applied manually or by a mechanical spreader.

5.      The fertilizer can reduce the number of application rounds because it contains all the nutrients needed. Hence it reduces the fertilizer application cost.


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