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How Zeolite Improves Fertilizer Efficiency

Without Zeolite:

1.      Broadcasting of NPK fertilizer / any fertilizer onto soil surface.

2.      Irrigation after application reduces nitrogen losses due to volatilization – nitrogen lost as ammonia gas

3.      Irrigation washes fertilizer into the root zone of plants

4.      Plants can take up fertilizer required whilst it remains in the root zone. Some fertilizer lost through early leaching.

5.      Large losses of fertilizer which move out of the root zone (leaching) as sandy soil is not capable of holding high levels of nutrients.


With Zeolite:

1.      Broadcasting of fertilizer to soil that has had an application of zeolite possible shallow incorporated; or  broadcasting of fertiliser including zeolite (mix or coating)

2.      Less risk of volatilization losses as zeolite soaks up free ammonia.

3.      Irrigation washes fertilizer into the root zone of plants whilst some fertilizer remains bound up in zeolite

4.      Fertilizer in zeolite remains in root zone until it is required by the plant.

5.      Less fertilizer losses from leaching and fertilizer from zeolite becomes available to extend fertilizer life.

6.      Long term soil improvements (increase in CEC and nutrient retention in soil).


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